Worst Fast Food Meals

Hi I’m back again with loads of new ideas for posts! 😉

As I started back at gymnastics a few weeks ago and I have to build up muscles again I kind of need to watch what I eat. At the moment I try to eat to nourish my body instead of dieting to lose weight (which is of course because first of all I don’t want to lose weight but I want to be fitter and stronger). If you eat healthy and build up muscle you will automatically burn more fat even when you’re not in the gym or doing any activity, because muscles (unlike fat) are metabolically active!

Even if you try to eat healthy there comes a time (for me it’s often in the evenings…) when you crave fast food. You shouldn’t feel bad about yourself for doing so, because occasionally eating fast food won’t hurt you that much! 😉 Here are some of the fast food meals you should absolutely avoid though. (This is kind of a repost from a website I just stumbled upon and couldn’t reblog: FITNEA)

Arby’s Roast Turkey & Swiss:

725 kcal, 8g of saturated fat, about a full day’s supply of sodium (if you abolutely want to have it, try to get it without mayo)

Subway’s Footlong Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki:

Don’t be fooled by Subway’s health halo!

800kcal, 9g of fat, 2,000mg of sodium

Cinnabon’s Caramel Pecanbon:

1,100kcal, 141g of carbs, 56g of fat.

McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish:

Even if eating fish seems like to be the healthier choice…don’t be fooled by this burger!

380kcal, 18g saturated fat (so not the “healthy” fat you want to have when eating fish)

You might want try to eat it without mayo or tartare sauce for -100kcal per serving.

Burger King’s Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich:

800kcal, 46g of fat + not a single healthy fruit or veggie in this burger…

Domino’s Chicken Carbonara Breadbowl Pasta:

900kcal, 1/3 of the calories come from saturated fat 2/3 from refined carbs. There’s no room left for protein or fiber…

– Burger King’s Large Triple Whopper:
1200kcal, 80g of fat. If you add a coke and some fries the calorie count will be raised to about 2200kcal. “If you eat this meal once a week for an year, you will easily add more than 30 pounds to your weight.”



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