Real Life

Inspiring pic I found on facebook! 🙂




  1. inspiring? in how far? what does this pic “cause” you to think and feel?

    • 1. i’ts just that it’s exactly what I see during internships… in most classes nothing’s changed yet and I think it’s not how life is. For example in my internships: everytime I try to combine the mandatory activities in one I get the impression that the teachers and tutors think I’m lazy and that I try to avoid working?

      • I partially understand that “fear” of teachers and tutors… but YOU can easily tell and show them that you’re actually not lazy (and I guess I never thought that about you…) by being even more pro-active and doing more work when planing and executing post-disciplinary combined learning activities… 🙂 Just show them that you’re committed and willing to give 120% (even if that concept doesn’t really make sense…)…

  2. and what are the “conclusions” you’re drawing from these thoughts and feels, when it comes to thinking about life (and school)… or when it comes to doing schooling (and life)..?

    • 2. foster interdisciplinary activities and try to combine school+”life” more often (why stick to the books, go outside and cooperate with institutions, organizations, etc…in your city)

      • interesting… so you’re still somehow trying to save the “old” school model… by adding a bit of “life”… I for myself, currently would rather tend to “explode” this model and put in place “real” learning… but I know that that’s really really difficult, maybe even impossible, to implement within “school” settings… but hey, the future belongs to those to make the impossible POSSIBLE… and have the courage not to know that certain things are “impossible”… or said to be…

  3. and why do you think that ART is yellow? and why are GEOMETRY and LITERATURE in two colours so similar that I can hardly distinguish them… 🙂

    • 3. I don’t know…why is history dark blue? 😉

      • History, to me, should be dark blue, because it’s all about armies and “Feldherren”… who often wear “dark blue” uniforms… don’t they? no just kidding… I guess there may be no particular “thought” behind the choice of colours for the different “disciplines”…

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