Ombre Obsession!

One of the recent hottest trends must surely be “ombre hair”! This color technique has become the most common and popular hair color technique this year. What I think is really great is that this technique can be done on any kind of hair (like: brown with caramel tips or blonde with even brighter tips). “Ombré hair color brings life back into your strands without a big commitment—you can go as dramatic or subtle as you want, that’s the beauty of the style.” (SF stylist Ernesto Meneses)

I might be considering ombré hair anytime soon, because I think my hair needs a makeover and I don’t want to cut them…so who knows! I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

What do you think of this new hairstyle?



  1. haat och schon driwer nogeduert 🙂 hun et grad gaaaanz liit weint Nowues, an well meng Hoer onbedengt bessi fierwen aka veränneren, mee net krass^^ daat s eng vun mengen Optiounen 😛 eng aner wier et deischter blond Mäschen ant Hoer ze maan, sen dauernd um grübblen, mee fannen daat do opallefall mega schein 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on leilaworldblog and commented:
    I wouldn’t call this a new trend. I just call it a new named old trend. This is truly the 70’s coming back, even the 80’s. It’s new in the sense of better products are being made to do these looks, and it’s a nice change to the recent color schemes being applied in the 2010’s and 2000’s.

  3. Love this trend! I think it’s great for any length of hair aswell 🙂

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