Oatmeal stories

Oatmeal is a very healthy meal at any time of the day, but particularly for breakfast because it’s full of soluble fibre, complex carbohydrates and lots of vitamins which will keep you fit throughout the day.Oatmeal even helps you to control your weight because it contains more soluble fibre as other cereal grains, which slow down your digestion and make you feel full much longer. This, in turn, will help in keeping your weight under control.

BUT… oatmeal is not just a great meal it can also help you to improve your hair and skin! However this is unlikely to happen only by eating the oatmeal 😉 So I did some research and found these recipes:

To cure dry skin:

The natural and lubricating fats in oatmeal act as a moisturizer and leave a thin layer of protection on the skin. You just need to grind some oats and mix them with a bit of medium hot water and honey to make a mask you can apply on you face and leave for approx. 5 minutes. After that you should slightly rub the mixture into your skin, leave it again for 10 minutes and rinse your face with water.

To strengthen and nourish the hair:

Mix oatmeal with water and apply it in your damp hair like a shampoo. Rub and massage your hair and let the mixture sit for 1-2 minutes before you rinse your hair.

✭ If you have blonde hair ground oats will be a perfect dry shampoo! Rub some over your scalp and brush the excess out of your hair with boar bristle brush. ✭



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