Loop Tattoo

Yay or nay? What do you think?



I absolutely love it but it looks so huge and I don’t know if  as a girl – and we know that if we gain weight its often our legs which get bigger 😉 – the leg is the ideal place to have a tattoo?
Let me know your opinion!



  1. Love the photo!!! I think wearing a tight like this will be perfect!

  2. (: It’s so pretty! But yea. I’m not too sure either if it’s a good spot since the thigh’s so quick to reflect our weight change (read: orange peel)./: But it’s really nice nonetheless!

  3. Ooh, that’s a pretty idea! I don’t know i I’ll ever get over my fear of needles enough to get a tattoo… but if I ever do I’ll keep this idea in mind!

  4. I’ve got a tattoo at the back of my right leg, and I love it very much! I also got a picture on my blog, so feel free to have a look:) I’d absolutely advise you to make it, cause afterwards you probably feel happy, you wanted it for such a long time;) Let me know if you did it or not:)

    • I just saw your picture! You’ve got a great tattoo! 🙂 I’m hesitating, because I think that the thighs are one of the first parts of your body where fat starts spreading when you get older haha 😉

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