DIY Newspaper Nails

Here’s what you will need:

  • nail polish
  • top coat
  • newspaper, map, scrapbook,…
  • alcohol

How to proceed:

  1. paint your nails in any colour you like and let them dry (I chose “cream” I thought that would make the letters more visible afterwards)
  2. soak your nails in alcohol (I chose whiskey but I think you could also use vodka…any kind of alcohol will do)
  3. press nails to newspaper and hold for a few seconds (before I peeled the newspaper off I added a few drops of alcohol on it because I thought it would make the ink transfer better but I’m not sure about the effectiveness of that step 😉 )
  4. peel the newspaper off
  5. paint with clear top coat immediately after to make the look last 🙂



  1. hellomeggy

    this is awesome! im going to definitely try this!

  2. I just did a tutorial on this! I did white under my newspaper, but I like your shade better! The off white gives it that vintage feel!

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