DIY Dip Dyed Hair

Dip Dye is here to stay!

After thinking about it for months I finally did it and dip dyed my hair pink a month ago. At first I did not know whether to go to the hairdressers or do it myself because it looked so easy on youtube and because I couldn’t wait any longer I did it by myself in the end. I watched some videos on youtube to see how to proceed and then i just started and there was no way back as soon as I applied the lotion to bleech my hair 😉 After that I just had to apply the colour and wait a few minutes.

If you’re thinking about doing it too just go for it! Anyway its just your tips and if you don’t like it anymore after a few days or weeks you can always cut them or dye them again in another, more natural, colour 😉


Here’s what you need to do it:

  • a brush to section your hair and hair ties
  • gloves
  • towels or bin bags to put over your shoulders
  • pre lighter or bleeching lotion if you’re not blonde yet ( + I took some aluminium foil to wrap around my hair tips while they were bleeching)
  • coloured dye (I bought mine in an alternative shop because “regular shops” didn’t have flashy colours)

How to proceed:

  • first I put the towel or bin bag over my shoulders
  • I sectioned my hair with the brush and made two braids (make sure the ends are even!)
  • I put on the gloves and applied the bleech evenly on my hair tips, which I wrapped up with kitchen foil
  • After aprox. 45 minutes (because I have dark brown hair) I rinsed out the bleach and rubbed my tips dry with another towel
  • I applied the coloured dye on the tips and waited for +/- 30 minutes (without kitchen foil this time but I think you could use it anyway so the dye doesn’t dry to fast)
  • Again I rinsed out the dye and blow dried the tips

I think you could reapply some coloured dye and wait if you need cause you can make the colour stronger by applying it a second time…



  1. mikstidbits

    Loving dip dye at the moment and I’m considering to do it.
    So I’d like to ask you how long your hair is, my hair isn’t too long, it just goes a bit below my sholders and I can’t decide if I should wait till it’s longer or go for it now. I don’t know if you can help me with that, but I thought I’d just ask anyway 😉

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