Arcsaber 9FL

Today my racquet (finally!) arrived…I was expecting it for over a week now! But there has been a little change in (racquet)plans…

Instead of the Arcsaber 9 I got the new Arcsaber9 FL (feather light).

First of all you can see that the appearance changed a bit, it’s more pink and black and less white. One can also see loads of “diamonds” on it! Seems like it’s the perfect racquet for women? 😉

Seems like this one is lighter, more powerfull and there’s more control to expect?,r:16,s:0



  1. Melch

    Hehe tip top dann bas du pret fier next saison … An gesais du ech liesen dann blog see you …

  2. magali

    Tiptop, sou soll et sin! 🙂 Dann hun ech der mäin Blog jo nët fir näischt op däin Iphone gesaat 😉 bis en Freiden!

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